Custom varsity jacket makes you stand out from the rest!

Varsity Jacket PRICE WAR

In Western countries, varsity jackets are made for elegant and pride. Over the years varsity jackets are worn by people who are classified as top performers in a particular sport. Many high school and college students that earn varsity jackets are rewarded because of their high levels of performance and contributions to their varsity team.

However in Malaysia, recently quite a lot of varsity jacket sellers reduce their prices because of market competition. Some of them are thinking that by reducing the price they can gain more sales, but they didn’t aware much about the quality of the end product. As a result they tarnish the image of the greatness and pride of varsity jacket.

While others are racing to sell their varsity jackets at the ‘super cheap’ price, we choose to maintain the high quality and the GREATNESS of our VARSITY JACKETS.

We offer very low minimum order requirement, vast choices of decorations, various colour options and high quality material. Even famous Malaysian celebrities and customers from abroad make their varsity jacket with us.

Contact us to get more details about our custom made varsity jackets. Visit our official website and should you have any enquiries contact us via

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